TicketMaven Overview

TicketMaven is a program that assigns auditorium and table seating. TicketMaven automates this assignment process, which otherwise would be a slow and daunting manual task. TicketMaven provides a Graphical User Interface for managing all of the data related to customers, shows, theater layouts and tickets. In addition, it automates the printing of tickets and provides a number of reports to ensure that both the pre-show ticket assignment and the at-show ticket purchasing will proceed fairly and smoothly.

Unlike systems that assign seats on a first come first served basis, TicketMaven collects customer requests for tickets and then assigns seats all at once based on a lottery system. The seating assignment generated during this lottery will take into account special needs customers that need to be assigned special seating. Seating assignment will also take into account the quality of the past seating assignments for each customer. The goal of the lottery is to assign seats in a completely fair manner.

The Main Window
Theater Layouts
Special Needs
Running a Lottery
Example Usage
Custom Ticket Formatting
Table Seating
Discount Packages
Data Backup